The Perigord Noir Festival

Offering the opportunity to enjoy classical music along with leisure activities and Lascaux caves !

12 aout photo P. Denais

The Perigord Noir Festival has become over the last few years a well- known festival in the Region of Aquitaine partly due to its recognition of ambition and artistic quality as well as a valuable and acknowledged partner in the French musical world.

Festival du Périgord Noir is a distinguished music festival with a 36 years tradition, and stands out among other major events by presenting three genres : baroque, classical and jazz.

The Perigord Noir Festival is associated with a region that is famous for its national heritage and concert venues all bear witness to this fact : Romanesque churches, historical parks and gardens, abbeys, chapels, medieval towns and villages situated near the prehistoric Lascaux caves, on the top of UNESCO’s list of places belonging to world heritage. It celebrates cultural diversity and creativity, annually presenting over 150 artists in a wide range of events, from concerts, recitals and jam sessions to competitions, masterclasses, meetings with artists and exhibitions. But putting the emphasis on these criteria, the Festi- val continues every year to promote creation and emerging artists from many European countries

Through the quality and diversity of performances the Festival actively contributes to the promotion of young musicians who perform particularly during the Perigord Noir international baroque Academy, in August, and during the Week of Organ Music in Sarlat. Concert-goers can thus discover and appreciate the talent of young musicians in very convivial musical settings.

Each season is designed around a central theme ( “Drôles de Dames” in 2016 and “Music around Lascaux Caves in 2017, “La Pensée visible” in 2018), with about forty concerts, both inside and in the open air, which are proposed in about twenty different venues and bring together the stars of chamber music (Camille & Julie Berthollet, Edgard Moreau, Nicholas Angelich, Nemanja Radulovic), winners of international competitions (Hanson String Quartet), and also big names from the world of jazz (Gauthier Toux Trio).

Come along to enjoy beautiful music with great food and wine testing in the Sarlat area!

Our events take place at a variety of venues near Montignac-Lascaux town and the lovely surrounding villages. The Périgord-style art of living owes much to its gastronomy, local specialities and its famous « foies gras » and Bergerac or Monbazillac wines ! You have to travel throughout the region to discover its treasures (cultural and natural, of leisure activities and gastronomy).

With nearly two million visitors annually, the Sarlat area increasingly attracts tourists in search of authenticity, a natural setting, built heritage and gourmet food.